House of Perspectives (HoPe) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered under the laws of Ghana in West Africa to increase the literacy levels of children and adults in Ghana.

Due to high illiteracy rate in rural areas, adults have remained ignorant on very important subjects such as Health, Empowerment, Family life, Socio-economic issues, Contemporary issues, Agriculture and others. This has led to poverty, spread of diseases, irresponsible parenthood and poor agriculture practices.

However, a community which has a strong educational foundation is capable of embracing among others; increased happiness and wellbeing, enhanced community cohesion, greater personal income for its members. The realization of such indicators is through education of children and adults hence the formation of HoPe.

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Raymond Kporvu, Director 


Additionally, to encourage or motivate this target group we have scheduled to bestow awards on children who excel in the two programs annually at the community’s Yam Festival celebration.

A brighter future for children largely depends on their parents, guardians and other members of the community.  Also, for a faster development in rural communities, adults must have knowledge on important subjects such as health, empowerment, family life and others. Ignorance of these subjects weakens community cohesion, wellbeing, rural development, responsible parenthood among others.

Increasingly, HoPe provides the avenue for adults to learn in the evening after their respective jobs on its functional contest areas. These areas are Health, Empowerment, Family Life, Socio-Economic Issues, Contemporary issues, Agriculture, Vocational Workshop, and Computer Literacy.

Adults are experienced and knowledgeable in their own right irrespective of the inability of most of them to speak English, read, write and communicate properly. Thus, the educational activity has been adult-centered with a combination of teaching and discussion as methodology for obtaining objectives that would benefit the community as a whole. Community capacity building is also of essence which is why there has been the effort to improve the already acquired skills, knowledge and technology of community members for the realization of the mission and vision statements of HoPe.

House of Perspectives which is abbreviated to be HoPe is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered on Wednesday, 14th February, 2018 under the laws of Ghana in West Africa to promote literacy in rural areas.

Earliest childhood literacy opens the gateway to a healthier tomorrow. In view of this, HoPe decided to give opportunities to children to climb the academic ladder for a brighter tomorrow. Two important subjects which form a very strong foundation of children in Ghana being an Anglophone country are English Language and Mathematics. Therefore, we offer varied programs for pupils every day after school and during vacations for improvement in these important fields of study. The vacation lessons are provided for the children to equip them with the necessary knowledge for the next academic terms. There are two key programs tagged Mathematics Made Easy (MAME) to strengthen them in Numeracy, and Speak Like A Native Guy (SLANG) for English Language.

Our Functional Contest Areas?

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Family Life

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Socio-economic Issues

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Contemporary Issues

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Vocational Workshop