Child Literacy


School children from Primary school to Junior High School (JHS) are given the opportunities to solve basic arithmetic and English grammar questions at our outfit after school with the support of HoPe. Two employees assist and give detailed explanation of answers to questions set by the organization to the target group.


However, owing to the large population of school kids who cannot be contained by the study room of the outfit, the pupils are divided into three categories; lower primary (Primary 1-3), upper primary (primary 4-6) and Junior High School (JHS1-3). The mode of assessment is interesting and different from the formal system of education in their schools. Each category studies on different days of the week to avoid congestion at the outfit.


The reason for the engagement is for the children to be able to study with someone after school. Prior to HoPe’s formation, some of the school children used to hunt birds in bushes every day after school, sell on the street in the village and also move about aimlessly until evening without studying. Their parents or guardians were mostly illiterates so they could not study with any assistance hence the reluctance and such practices.


The goal of this program is to improve upon reading, writing, speaking of English and also to perform basic arithmetic calculations with ease.