Vacation Lessons

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Within the summer vacation, our outfit prepared a program for pupils from Upper/Lower Primary, Junior High School (JHS) and Senior High School (SHS). In the space of 20 working days (one month), we gave the pupils the possibility to remember or improve their knowledge acquired from school in Mathematics and English. For this purpose, we asked professional teachers in English and Mathematics to support the pupils for improvement in the subjects. The educators tried to find a way to connect the different capabilities of pupils. After this, all pupils from Lower Primary, Upper Primary, JHS and SHS were taught in different groups leading to diversified lessons in the vacation.

The English Master Jonathan Kporvu prepared short stories for the younger ones, exercises about English grammar and listening comprehension on poems for the pupils from JHS and SHS.

The pupils or students had especially in Mathematics big problems in topics such as Fractions, Linear and quadratic equations and others, which were necessary for the next classes. The Mathematics Master, Jonas Kporvu explained the main topics for each level step-by-step so that everybody could understand it, which was remarkable.

Of course, we did not forget the fun and the free time in the vacation, so we created a game’s period on Wednesdays, where the children had the possibility to come and play varieties of games. We prepared games like volleyball, badminton, soccer, discus and playing cards.

All in all the program over the vacation was very successful because for each discipline, there was an improvement in academic performance as well as extra curriculum activities. The attendance of the pupils ranges from 10 to 25.

The pupils were examined on the last day of the vacation classes. The general performance was remarkable. Some of the children performed extremely well and were awarded by our outfit at the Yam Festival celebration of the community so as to encourage them to work harder for the betterment of their future.

All learned a lot over the vacation and they had a lot of fun in the premises of our outfit. This is one of the reasons we have now a very close contact with them. As a result, they report to the library to read books and solve Literacy and Numeracy problems with the help of HoPe staff. 

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