Forestation in Tokokoe

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Under the topic “Environmental Sustainability”, Mr. George Megbenu, one of the teachers of HoPe enlightened the adults about the depletion of our resources which could go a long way to destroy our environment in the future.

The participants realized that human activities such as deforestation, extraction of minerals, porching of animals and others could be detrimental to our environment if not done properly or managed efficiently to satisfy the coming generations.

Participants were encouraged to plant trees (afforestation) at where there were deforestations and any other places deemed fit for it. They were made aware that polluting the air as well as the surface of the land could be dangerous or harmful to human health. Thus, cleaning the environment and minimization of the use of plastic materials such plastic bags and containers could be the solution to land pollution. Furthermore, bush burning, burning of plastic waste etc pollute the air and should not be encouraged.

As a result, HoPe contacted the Forestry Commission of Ghana for the supply of one thousand (1000) pieces of tick seedlings for planting at various places in the locality to make the environment greener. But due to the current harmathan season in Ghana, HoPe received 40 pieces of tree seedlings for its education on Environmental Sustainability. The participants of the lesson were enthused about the step taken and supported in their numbers for the planting of the trees in the community on 26th November, 2019. The remaining 960 seedlings will be planted next year, 2020 in the rainy season.

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