Use cotton bags instead of plastic bags!

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

On the 13th November, 2019, Miss Perpetual Asimadu, one of the teachers of HoPe educated adults on "the use of plastic materials". This was under one of HoPe's Contest Areas, Health.

The lesson focused on the following:

1.Harmful effects of the use of plastic waste. Some of the effects looked at were:

  • It affects human health

  • Lesser petroleum

  • Contamination of drinking water

  • Air pollution

  • Land pollution and water pollution

  • It affects food chain and wildlife

2. Simple ways of reducing the use of plastics:

  • Avoid the use of straws,

  • Using glass containers,

  • Using reusable bags,

  • Avoiding plastic wares, and others.

The accomplishments of the lesson among others are;

Firstly, the participants realized how harmful it was keeping hot food in polythene or plastic bags.

Secondly, they got to know the possible diseases which could arise from plastic waste.

Thirdly,they realized that burning of plastic waste could cause respiratory problems when the smoke was inhaled.

Finally, the participants realized that using ceramic cups and plates, glass containers and others are more preferable to reduce the plastic waste and diseases in our environment.

Most importantly, the participants acknowledged House of Perspectives (HoPe) for the lesson and changed their minds from using plastic bags. Based on this, HoPe made cotton bags and shared it to every participant to be used in place of plastic bags so as to reduce the plastic waste and diseases in the community.

The shared cotton bags were made from thirteen (13) empty cotton flour sacks bought from a bread baker at a bakery. The seam of the sacks were unsewn and 13 yards of fabric were acquired. Out of the 13 yards, 35 diffrent sizes of bags were made for the participants to use in place of plastic bags. The participants were encouraged to use the cotton bags for their purchases at grocery shops and markets.

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