Recycling of pure-water sachets

Over the past one year, House of Perspectives (HoPe) has been working to keep Norvisi Area of Ho municipality clean and green through the collection and separation of plastic waste.

"Pure-water" is purified water in a sachet which most Ghanaians drink. It is sold in outlets such as stores, markets, and also by street vendors. Unfortunately, pure-water sachets are not disposed properly and this pollutes urban and rural areas of Ghana.

One pure-water sachet

To curb this menace, HoPe collects all plastic waste and separate pure-water sachets from them for recycling purposes in rural communities. The rest are incinerated by HoPe. The collection, separation, followed by recycling reduces the amount of waste produced by the rural communities which goes to gutters, rivers, streets and inappropriate landfills releasing methane and other gases into the air, making communities unclean, and causing diseases and deaths of animals that feed on them. The burden placed on the environment by plastic waste is reduced when non-degradable m